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Who am I

I am a creative companion specialised in dynamic strategy, sustainable innovation and meaningful co-creation. 

I used to be a joiner, a musicologist, a chief design officer, a service designer, an entrepreneur and a creative director. 

I share my experiences and skills in talks, podcasts, blogs and a book, and my passion is to make musical principles simple enough to use in our daily lives.


Everything is connected !

If we use music as an analogy to understand the world, we get a rich framework that helps us to translate universal patterns into practical actions.

There are many learnings, insights and stories in my book The Power of Music Thinking. And in the conversations I have with the so called and-musician in my podcast under the same name. All of them can inspire our daily business.



Storytelling  and doing 

Why should we share stories?
To entertain, to make us laugh, to make us think, to make us act?
The answer is: yes!

Here are some themes and stories I can bring to you:   

Say Hello,

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